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Apollo Law represents sports leagues, professional sports facilities, athletes (NFL, NHL, MLS, Hall of Fame boxers, professional drivers), coaches, sanctioning bodies, race/sports teams, team owners, and sports media companies. We provide counsel in the area of sponsorship, NIL, sports betting, naming rights, licensing, stadium licensing and clearances, player contracts, risk management, and event entitlement agreements with Fortune 500 companies, as well as brand protection for professional athletes.


Department Head: Melinda Morris Zanoni, Esq.

Apollo Law is one of very few firms in the extended region with an entertainment law emphasis. We provide entertainment industry legal services representing entertainment companies, celebrities, celebrity estates, film & television (production companies, actors, directors, screenwriters, post-production facilities), artists,  fashion, and literary publishing (authors, publishers, agents). We negotiate and closed film financing, production and distribution agreements, celebrity endorsement agreements, Fortune 500 sponsorships, publicity agreements, book publishing deals, and actor/talent agreements, to name just a few transactions. We serve as production counsel on television projects and feature-length motion pictures. Melinda Morris Zanoni splits her time between Charlotte, North Carolina and Los Angeles, California.


Co-Department Heads: Melinda Morris Zanoni, Esq., and Lance S. White, Esq.

Apollo Law represents musician estates and music industry professionals (musicians, recording artists, songwriters, producers, record labels, publishers/administrators, recording studios). We deliver comprehensive music legal services, including, negotiate and close Distribution Agreements, Administration Agreements, Touring Agreements, Production and Shopping Agreements, to name just a few transactions. We advise clients in connection with music licenses and clearances, stadium licenses, royalties and other revenue streams.


Department Head: Lance S. White, Esq.

In today’s innovative-driven, fast-paced, and competitive world, protecting your creative works, right of publicity, copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property is necessary to secure your competitive edge and protect your brand. Whether you are an entertainer, celebrity estate, athlete, musician, creator, author, music publisher, record label, filmmaker, media company, motorsports team, avatar production company, or sports, entertainment, or other company, safeguarding and leveraging your intellectual property is the key to success.

Apollo Law provides tailored legal services to help identify and develop strategic intellectual property plans to protect and maximize value. We advise clients in connection with licensing (e.g., music licensing, stadium licenses, trademark licensing, right of publicity licensing, NIL), registration and administrative proceedings, evaluating proposed marks, assisting with trademark searches, copyright termination / reversions, music sampling, infringement matters, bootleg merchandise, piracy, trade secrets, and other intellectual property matters.

Apollo Law manages significant portfolios of US and international registered trademarks for its clients.

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Media today is an innovator’s game. Apollo Law works with traditional & interactive media in broadcast and network agreements and evaluating advertising campaigns, digital media, and marketing content for broadcast, podcast, social media, publishing, streaming, Esports, online, print, radio, point-of-sale, sweepstakes, and event-based executions. We will handle the details, including claims substantiation, disclaimers, and intellectual property issues. We also provide clearance legal services as we understand what E&O insurance underwriters are looking for in order to protect your project. 


Apollo Law’s multi-disciplinary team advises clients on all types of transactional matters, licensing, strategic alliances, contracts, entity selection and formation, purchases and sales of businesses, mergers and acquisitions, dispute resolution, executive employment agreements, and other commercial matters. We represent established and start-up companies, entrepreneurs, and management in a variety of public and private industries, including venture capital, private equity, and technology.

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Department Head: Melinda Morris Zanoni, Esq.

Apollo Law is on the forefront of the use of artificial intelligence and helps its clients stay ahead of the curve and comply with ever-evolving laws and regulations governing the development, deployment, licensing, storage, and protection of projects involving AI. We work with developers, investors, celebrity estates, and entertainers advising on cutting-edge legal issues and strategic guidance arising from the commercialization of generative AI applications, data privacy, rights of publicity, and other intellectual property matters. We advise clients with respect to the complexities of AI technology.


Department Head: Melinda Morris Zanoni, Esq.

Athletes, celebrities, and others in the sports & entertainment industries often face crises that put their reputations & careers in harm's way in the court of public opinion. Clients may have to deal with paternity claims, stalkers, sex tapes & nude photos, negative PR campaigns through social media, and other disruptive crises. Apollo Law has experience in crisis management, the ability to adapt and respond quickly, and to advise on clever methods for addressing a crisis, including the use of legal maneuvers, law enforcement, and social media platform relationships, insurance, and publicity and PR plans of action.



Department Head: Lauri Eberhart, Esq.

Apollo Law is home to a nationally recognized Motorsports Law Practice Group that services a wide variety of motorsports companies. Our offices in the heart of NASCAR and our unique immersion in the sports and entertainment industries, coupled with over 50 years of collective motorsports experience, enable us to provide industry-leading service to our clients. Motorsports is inherently dangerous and we provide independent counsel. We represent professional racing teams, speedways, professional racing drivers, sanctioning bodies, and other companies involved in all different aspects of motorsports. We deliver confidential and comprehensive motorsports legal services including drafting, negotiating, and closing Sponsorship Agreements, Driver Services Agreements, Media Rights Agreements, Sanction Agreements, Marketing Agreements, Promoter Agreements, Licensing Agreements, Competition Partner Agreements, and NASCAR Charter Agreements.